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Free Motion "Move It, Move It, Move It"

One 6 hour session   

Instructor: Anne


​The piecing has been done.  Now you are ready to quilt your project  What comes after stitch in the ditch?  Free motion quilting.  In this sample class you will learn how to set up your machine.  Needle and thread choices will be discussed.  You will put quilt sandwiches together and practice free motion moves until you are a pro.

Binding "Wrap It Up"

One 6 hour session 

Instructor: Anne

​In this hands on class you will prepare five different binding samples.  Not only will you get practice with the techniques but you will have the examples and instructions to refer to at home.  Because precision in measuring and cutting will be emphasized, your work will be top notch.

Husqvarna Viking Owners

Tribute, Opal, Sapphire, and Brilliance

One 3 hour session

Instructor:  Kathy


Explore the possibilities waiting for you in your new Husqvarna Viking gem.  Kathy will include the basics - use of the controls, maintenance, utility stitches, buttonholes - then move on to decorative and specialty stitches, free motion and much, much more.  Get to know your machine in this hands on class.

No Charge   $30.00 if machine bought elsewhere

Pfaff Owners

Ambition, Expression, and Performance

One 3 hour session

Instructor: Kathy

Learn all the little known facts about your machine.  This hands on class will take you from maintenance through the basics of your machine.  You will have a tour through buttonhole options and learn all the tie on/tie off variations.  You'll combine alphabet and designs, practice with the maxi stitches and try your hand at free motion.  Kathy will take you beyond the book.

No Charge $30.00 if machine purchased elsewhere

Baby Lock Owners

Brilliant, Katherine, Lyric, and Soprano

One 3 hour session

Instructor: Kathy

Learn how you and your Baby Lock can make beautiful music together.  Start with the basics and move through your machine step by step in this hands on class.  Become familiar with settings, functions, editing and combine stitch patterns, memory, care and maintenance and so much more.

No Charge  $30.00 if machine purchased elsewhere

Janome Owners

Skyline, 6650, 6700, 8200, 8900, 9400, 9450, and M7 Continental 

One 3 hour session

Instructor: Kathy

Would you like to find out how to make the most of your Janome machine?  There are tons of little tricks to learn that will help you utilize your machine much better and more efficiently.  Home cleaning and maintenance of your machine, needle positions, menu functions, buttonhole making, button sewing, free motion and much, much more.  Let us help you use all of your wonderful Janome.

No Charge $30.00 if machine purchased elsewhere


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