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Welcome to The Sewing Machine Store

            REGULAR HOURS

      Monday - Friday         9 am - 5 pm

      Saturday                       9 am - 4 pm

      Sunday                           Closed


Drop in to meet Adele Sikorsky, our new manager.  We've rearranged the store, added lots of notions and have great prices on our machines.  There are still lots of classes coming up this spring.


Spring yet.jpg

We are excited to be part     of your 2023 creative                    journey.

We want you to know our
On-line Selling Philosophy 
and the benefits to you.

Please browse our website for machines.  We are committed to offering the best service possible including the best price.  These days, prices fluctuate so we ask that you telephone us when you're ready to purchase.  We will quote our best price to you including any bonuses offered at that time.
Many on-line sellers have a better price if you buy on-line, but usually there are no extras or classes included.  We do not have two-tiered pricing.  Whether you come to the store or buy over the telephone our price is the same and includes any bonus add-ons offered at that time, our unlimited owner's classes, and full warranty.  We try to tailor your purchase to what you need.
Payment by Visa or Mastercard is taken when you place your order.  Machines would be shipped or be ready for pickup on the day your order is processed.

Glen, Gavin, and Zann
are ready to service your machines. 
We try to get your machine back to you within 3 to 5 days.
306-652-6031   or   1-800-665-6031

     The Sewing Machine Store is dedicated to serving you. 
  • We have a foundation of 44 years for quality workmanship and service.  
  • We have grown our business to meet the ever changing needs of our customers. 
  • Technology is improving the sewing experience and we keep up to date to pass knowledge on to you.
  • One thing will always remain the same - we will work with you to make your sewing dreams come true.
  • We value your privacy.  We will use the information you have provided to respond to you.  We will not sell or divulge your information to any other party.  If you have questions about any of this, please call us - 306-652-6031
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