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Q'nique 16X Elite

Q'nique 16X Elite

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The Q'nique 16X Elite builds upon the strengths of the other models in the 16x series to elevate your quilting further. There is so much for you to love about this machine including its new edge warning and bobbin estimator. The 16X Elite gives you the most control of your quilting.


  • COMFORTABLE HANDLES & CONTROLS | Ergonomic handles help reduce stress to your hands arms and shoulders so you can quilt as long as you’d like. Each handle has only two buttons, making it simple for you to control your machine. The 7" touch screen makes it easy to navigate and adjust machine settings and includes built-in help guides.
  • 16" THROAT SPACE | The Q'nique 16x Series Quilting Machines all come with a 16" throat space. That space allows you to create large patterns with ease. With speeds up to 2100 stitches per minute, you can complete your designs at your speed
  • BRILLIANT BRIGHT THROAT LIGHT | We've made seeing your stitches easier than ever with our throat and bobbin light. These lights help you see your stitches and bobbin clearly so you don’t have to do any guesswork. Along with the bobbin light, this machine has a built-in bobbin estimator that will tell you approximately how much bobbin thread you have remaining.
  • EDGE WARNING TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK | With our edge warning system you can get in the quilting zone and not have to worry about bumping into the edge of your frame, or getting stitches outside of your block. Let your machine warn you when you are getting close to a boundary you set so you can stay in that quilting zone.
  • STITCH REGULATION | Choose one of our 4 different stitch modes to help you complete your quilt your way. With our two regulated modes, you don’t have to worry about keeping your stitch length consistent. Let the machine handle that so you can enjoy your quilting.
  • For returns, all electronics and machines must be new, in a sealed box
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